12 Easy Melt and Pour Christmas Soap Recipes

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Want to make some soap for DIY gifts or just want some fun and festive Christmas soaps to wash your hands with? Either way, here are some of the easiest melt and pour Christmas soap recipes to enjoy! 

Most of these can be done with little ones and don’t require much work or materials at all. 

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DIY Christmas Melt and Pour Soap Materials

With any melt and pour recipe, you luckily won’t need much material. You can add in some herbs, clays, oatmeal, mica, etc. but usually you will at least need the following few ingredients.

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Melt and Pour Soap Base

I personally love using a goat milk melt and pour soap base because it always seems to moisturize my skin and gets really bubbly compared to other ones I’ve tried. 

Here are the most common melt and pour soap bases: 

Soap Molds 

You can use any type of soap mold, depending on what style you want. I personally only use silicone soap molds and will typically do loafs at a time with the long rectangle molds or fun flowery shapes

There are plenty of creative soap molds that have lots of details and some simple ones as well. 

These holiday soap molds are incredibly cute too! Here are some great holiday soap molds: 

Check out some of the best soap molds I have found. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are what adds to the fun with these winter melt and pour soap recipes! You can add in some incredible smells that truly bring the holiday vibe. 

Be sure you are using 100% pure essential oils and not fragrance oils to keep them safe for everyone. Do your research and find ones you are comfortable using.

Here are a few essential oils I would use for these holiday soap recipes: 

Mica Powder

If you want to add in some colors, try using mica powder! It is a more natural route. You can also use certain flowers and herbs that will naturally create colors as well.

I personally try to avoid colors and adding anything extra that is not absolutely necessary. The less the ingredients, the better for me!

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11 Melt and Pour Christmas Soap Recipes

Here are some of the best homemade Christmas soap recipes! 

Peppermint Soap

peppermint soap in a jar

Peppermint soap is always a fun holiday soap to have. Since peppermint essential oil is so powerful, this is the perfect soap to make! 

Add in some red mica powder and create a peppermint candy soap with a circle soap mold. 

Eucalyptus Soap

two eucalyptus bar soaps

Similar to peppermint, eucalyptus has a powerful smell that would be perfect for the holidays. 

You can add some green mica powder and use a Christmas tree soap mold to make this eucalyptus soap extra festive! 

Snowflake Soap

blue snowflake soaps

Learn how to make your own snowflake soap with this easy recipe. Use a snowflake mold or create this beautiful design with a circle mold too. 

Use different colors to make your snowflake stand out! 

Floating Snowflake Soap

snowflake soap

DIY snowflake soap is a fun homemade gift idea that’s perfect for Christmas. Using a melt and pour soap base is perfect for first-time soap makers too!

This is a different snowflake soap as it uses smaller snowflakes to then display throughout the clear glycerin soap. Kids would have so much fun making this one! 

Turmeric Soap

finished turmeric bar soap

Turmeric soap is perfect for a holiday soap with some spice. You won’t need any coloring as the turmeric makes a beautiful yellow/orange color all on its own. 

Add in some frankincense essential oil or some cinnamon for a great smell that brings in the holiday cheer. 

Frankincense and Myrrh Soap

frankincense and myrrh soap

One of my favorite melt and pour Christmas soap ideas is this frankincense and myrrh soap

Celebrate the meaning of Christmas with two of the three gifts from the Wise Men in this incredibly easy to make soap! 

While the colors are stunning, the smell is my favorite part! 

Christmas Spice Soap

different christmas spice soaps

This melt and pour Christmas spice soap contains spices that highlight the festive season. 

It is made with natural ingredients and scented with rosemary, vanilla, star anise, and cinnamon. This would be the cutest DIY herbal gift to give someone! 

Oatmeal Vanilla Soap

melt and pour oatmeal soaps

Vanilla is one of my favorite smells, and I always got vanilla perfume or lotion for Christmas, so I always associate vanilla with the holidays. 

This oatmeal vanilla soap is one of my favorite Christmas melt and pour soap recipes! 

Mint Cedarwood Soap

handmade soap bars

This melt and pour soap uses incredible essential oils to help clear your sinuses and is perfect for the colder seasons.

This mint cedarwood soap uses a combination of peppermint, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Winter Forest Soap

winter forest soaps

This soap is another great holiday one for the incredible smell it brings. You can use any essential oils from forest trees to make it smell like you are out getting your Christmas tree!

If you are making this as a gift, be sure to add a little fresh tree branch to the wrapping for an added bonus. This winter forest soap would be so much fun to make and perfect for the men in your life who want a more manly smell.

Chocolate Soap

chocolate swirl soap bars

This cocoa soap recipe can be used all year long, but who wouldn’t want a chocolate soap for Christmas?

Using cocoa powder and chocolate essential oil, this is an incredible easy recipe to make.

Gingerbread Man Soap

gingerbread men soaps

This is another fun Christmas soap recipe! It uses clove, ginger, and vanilla to create a delicious smelling soap, perfect for your kid’s bathroom!

Or, put them in their stockings. Either way, it will be a fun soap for the holiday season.

Hopefully these Christmas melt and pour soap ideas sparked your creativity! Use any of these holiday soap recipes and get to making some fun soap for this special season! 

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