About Me

When I was pregnant with my first child, I started learning about all the chemicals in my home that could harm my little one.

That was my inspiration to work toward living an all-natural lifestyle. There was no way I was letting toxins harm my children.

So, I found a way to make it work, all the while being a broke college student, and working towards being debt free. I found exactly how to make this lifestyle work on a tight budget, and you can too!

My passion led me to become an herbalist too! So, you can be confident and know that I do the best research to help you find herbs that will change your life.

What to Expect

One this blog, you will find:

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DIY Recipes

I have plenty of simple, easy recipes you can follow to create your own natural products!

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Natural Products

Don’t want to make your own products? Check out my shop page to find all-natural products made by small businesses and companies I trust and use in my home.

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You will find countless of well-researched articles to help you find all natural gifts, learn about essential oils and herbs, and so much more!

Latest Posts

You can reach out to me at kate@kateble.com for any questions or concerns that you may have. 

*If you have been around since I first launched my blog back in 2019, it has significantly changed since then. I have a few new blogs that focus on categories that this blog now won’t moving forward. You can find them down below:

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