Simply Earth Subscription Box Review February 2023: Is It Worth it? 

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Is Simply Earth legit? Are Simply Earth’s oils pure? I’ve tested out and tried Simply Earth recently. You will find my Simply Earth subscription box review in this article! Then you get to decide whether or not you want some of Simply Earth’s oils for your own home. 

In my Simply Earth essential oils review, you’ll find:

  • my honest review and testimonial of using Simply Earth and its subscription box 
  • everything you need to know about the quality of its oils 
  • everything you’ll get and can make in the February 2023 subscription box
  • an incredible Simply Earth coupon code to use on your next box! 

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How does Simply Earth subscription work?

Simply Earth makes using essential oils incredibly easy for anyone with the Simply Earth recipe box. Each month you will get 4 essential oils along with other ingredients to be able to create a handful of recipes. You can skip a box or cancel your subscription whenever you please. 

How much is Simply Earth monthly?

Simply Earth’s essential oils monthly subscription costs $44.99. Currently they have a deal where you can get $15 off your first box, making it only $29.99. You can choose to add on additional items to your box as well. 

Simply Earth Subscription Box Review Pinterest image

About Simply Earth 

Simply Earth was started by Katie and Lee Veldkamp when she could not find a solution to her stinky feet problem. Once they found essential oils, they wanted to create a company who would sell them at a fair price and teach others how to safely use essential oils. 

Simply Earth oils are 100% pure. You won’t find any fillers, additives, or anything. To know exactly the quality of their essential oils, they provide GC/MS testing on all their oils. 

Not only that, Simply Earth sources their oils from small farms in an ethical way. You can even see a map of where they source their oils too! 

While the monthly subscription box is the most popular item, they also sell individual essential oils, an Essential Oils Course, and more. 

What’s the Best Thing About Simply Earth? 

  • The best thing about Simply Earth for me is the quality essential oils they offer. With the giant move in essential oils, it is so hard to find an honest company that truly has pure oils.
  • They have a 365 day guarantee, so you can return and get a full refund for anything you buy from them that you don’t like for an entire year! What other company does that?
  • One thing I love about Simply Earth is that it is not an MLM. You aren’t required to have a membership, you don’t have any hidden fees, and you get a fair, reasonable price for essential oils.
  • Another one of the best things about this company is that 13% of all their profit goes to organizations who help with human trafficking. That is amazing! I love a company who gives back.
  • When you get the subscription box, you will know everything that is in the box before you buy. I love the transparency and knowing that I’m not buying something random I won’t like. 
Me holding a simply earth box

Simply Earth’s Essential Oil Quality 

Simply Earth is very transparent with their process of creating their essential oils. You can learn about the small, family farms they source from. They make sure to ethically source all the plants for essential oils. 

Another way to show the quality of essential oils is through the GC/MS testing they have on every single essential oil. This is a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, which is a standard test made especially for essential oils. With this test, you can know the essentials of oil quality, purity, and even its identity! 

At Simply Earth, all of its essential oils have Gc/MS testing from a third-party to ensure they are 100% pure. To show that the oil they sell is pure, they make these reports available on each product page. 

Simply Earth Subscription Box Review: February 2023 

I got the Simply Earth February 2023 Box and I loved it! It was so much fun to create these recipes with my husband one night. This box’s theme is all about soap. Here is my Simply Earth review of the monthly box! 

Everything I got from the Simply Earth box in February

How it Works 

At the start of each month, you can learn exactly everything in the box and the theme for the month. There is only a certain amount of each month’s box, so it is better to get it at the beginning of the month to ensure it doesn’t get sold out. 

What You Get 

Your box will have four different essential oils inside. You will also receive 6 different recipe cards and all the extra items needed to make each one. 

In the February 2023 box, you will get: 

  • Love essential oil blend (10ml)
  • Ginger essential oil (10ml)
  • Cardamom essential oil (5ml)
  • Fennel essential oil (10ml) 
  • Melt & Pour Soap Base (2.5oz)
  • Fuchsia Mica Powder (1.5g)
  • Heart Soap Mold

Simply Earth Recipes 

For the February 2023 box, there are 6 different recipes. Each one was super easy to follow and didn’t take more than 15 minutes for each one. 

Bold Roll-On

The Bold Roll-On is super easy to make and smells wonderful. It has an earthy scent that is both calming and motivating. 

Bold roll on that I made

Love Massage Oil

This was another super easy recipe to make and is my absolute favorite smell. It is the perfect massage oil for Valentine’s Day! 

I also use it as a perfume because I absolutely love the smell of the Love essential oil blend. 

Swirled Heart Soap

The swirled heart soap is a fun recipe to make with your kids. It uses a melt and pour soap base and the mica powder. 

I always struggled with making a swirled soap, but this recipe showed me just how easy it truly is to make one! 

Cleansing Sugar Scrub Bar

I love the idea of a sugar scrub soap bar. It makes it so much easier to use in the shower as a bar! 

It uses sugar and oil, and just a tiny bit of melt and pour soap. It gently exfoliates your body, keeping your skin healthy and super soft! 

This is my new favorite recipe and one that I will use over and over again. 

Sugar Scrub Soap Bar ingredients

Love Cleansing Shave Soap

The Love Cleansing Shave Soap is another one of my favorite recipes with this monthly box. 

I always wanted to learn how to make an all-natural shaving soap, and with this recipe, it is super easy to do! 

finished product of cleansing shave soap

Love In The Air Diffuser Blend

Making this blend was incredibly easy and will last me such a long time. This will teach you the exact drops for your diffuser, as well as how to make it a blend to fill a 5ml oil bottle to use time and time again! 

Big Bonus Box

With your first order, you get a free big bonus box that is absolutely incredible. Inside you will get: 

  • Almond Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 6 Roll-On Bottles
  • 6 5ml Amber Glass Bottles
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
The Big Bonus Box

It is usually $47 but with your first subscription, you get it free! 

Bonuses with the Subscription Box

Aside from the Big Bonus Box, you also get tons of other fun bonuses for free with your first box. 

Right now, you can get an additional $15 off your first box, making it only $29.99. You will also get free shipping. 

Also included for free is the Essential Oil Hero Course that will teach you how to use essential oils safely and with confidence. 

With your 2nd subscription box, you get a $5 coupon for a free add-on to your box. With your 4th box, choose from a free car or flower diffuser! 

You will get another Big Bonus Box with your 7th subscription box and a free inhaler. With your 10th box, you get a free cleaning tablet, and on your 13th monthly box, you will get another Big Bonus Box and an exclusive Royalty blend. 

Plus, when you use the coupon code KATEFREE, you will also get a $45 gift card with your first box to use on future purchases. 

How to Cancel

Simply Earth makes it really easy to cancel the subscription. Inside your account, you can easily skip a box or cancel the subscription all together. 

If you need additional help, you can reach out to the live chat too.  

Simply Earth subscription box

Simply Earth Coupon Code

I have an amazing Simply Earth coupon for you! Use KATEFREE to give you a free $45 gift card with your first box to use on future purchases. 

This is the first time I have seen this and not sure how long it’ll last, so if you are interested in trying out Simply Earth, now is the time! 

Simply Earth Essential Oils Review FAQs

Simply Earth vs Doterra 

Simply Earth uses GC/MS testing on all their oils so you know the purity and quality. Doterra does not. Doterra is an MLM and Simply Earth is not. Simply Earth has cheaper oils that are high quality! 

Simply Earth vs Young Living 

Young Living stands by their Seed to Seal promise, whereas with Simply Earth, you can see where they source their oils from and the GC/MS testing on every single oil to ensure the quality. Young Living is also an MLM and Simply Earth is not. 

Is Simply Earth an MLM?

Simply Earth is not an MLM! You can get the same, if not better, pure high quality oils for a much better price than the MLM essential oil companies. 

Who owns Simply Earth?

Katie and Lee Veldkamp are the owners of Simply Earth. Katie is even an aromatherapist too! 

Are Simply Earth’s essential oils pure? 

Yes, Simply Earth’s essential oils are 100% pure. You can find more about the quality above and on their website

Can you ingest Simply Earth’s essential oils? 

No, it is not recommended to ingest Simply Earth’s essential oils. You can learn more about their reasoning in the Essential Oil Hero Course

This is my honest Simply Earth subscription box review. I love the monthly box and the incredible quality of their oils. I also love the company and what they stand for as a whole. 

There are plenty of other great Simply Earth essential oils reviews on their website to read if you need more convincing! 

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