14 Best Natural Wax Melt Subscription Boxes

Do you have a wax warmer that you want to use more regularly, but don’t know where to find good, natural wax melts? 

Here is a list of the best wax melt subscription boxes I could find! 

All of these wax melts monthly subscriptions are made with high-quality ingredients; however, some are more natural than others. 

Under each wax subscription box I mention, I also talk about the ingredients and how natural they are, so you can make the right decision for your family and home! 

Some of these wax melt subscriptions may have ingredients you don’t want to use in your home and that’s okay! However, even if you switch from using a toxic wax melt to these more natural options, that is better than before! 

Natural living is all about the little improvements. So, here are the most all-natural monthly wax melt boxes I could find! 

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Wax Melt Subscription Boxes FAQs

Is it cheaper to buy or make wax melts?

It depends on the materials you want to use and the wax melts you are considering. It often can be cheaper, but some wax melt subscription boxes are very affordable as well! 

Are wax melts still popular?

Yes! Wax melts are still super popular, especially as people are finding more natural options to keep their home smelling good, all the while staying safe. 

Which wax is best for wax melts? 

Soy wax or coconut wax are the best types of wax melts you can find! They are natural, non-toxic and will have your house smelling great! Coconut wax is also more eco-friendly than most other waxes you will find. 

Are wax melts healthier than candles? 

Lots of wax melts last longer than candles, are much safer, more eco-friendly, and cost a lot less, which makes them a lot healthier than candles in many ways! 

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Are wax melts worth it? 

Wax melts are definitely worth it, especially when you purchase them with a wax melt monthly subscription! Essential oil subscription boxes are fun and worth it too!

14 Best Wax Melt Subscription Boxes

Here are 14 of the best wax melt subscription boxes I could find that have natural ingredients and are safer than other wax melts you might find. 

1. Natural Annie’s Essentials

With this prepay subscription, you’ll get 3 seasonal wax melts each month for 3 months straight. Freshly handpicked for you and delivered to your doorstep!

These wax melts use fragrance oils. However, the fragrance oils do go through some heavy testing and are phthalate-free, eco-friendly, and vegan!  The fragrance is not diluted so you will have a strong scent whenever you melt it. 

With the 3 month subscription plan, it comes out to be less than $20 each box! Use code KATEABLE to get 10% off your order too! 

2. Wax and Wit

Wax and Wit subscription box

Another one of the best wax melt subscription boxes, Wax and Wit offers you four wax melt bars each month delivered straight to your door. They use 100% soy wax that is cruelty-free and use sustainable ingredients along with high quality fragrance oils that do not have paraffin. 

Ordering one month at a time costs $20; however, since these boxes are on Cratejoy, you can get additional discounts when you order multiple boxes at a time. Sometimes they even offer 50% off your first box! 

3. Wax and Wit Candle Wax Combo Box 

If you love lighting a candle every now and again along with your wax melts, this company has got you covered. Instead of getting 4 soy wax melts a month, instead you can get a 9 oz candle along with a wax melt in every box! 

Again, this company is paraffin-free, cruelty-free, and does not use chemicals in their products, so they are a great natural option too! 

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4. Perfectly Soy

Perfectly Soy wax melt subscription box

Perfectly Soy is another one of the best wax melt subscription boxes I could find, and is a very popular option. With this box, you get 4 new wax melts each month, as well as some other goodies. Each wax should last a week, so you will finish them off right when you get a new box!

These high quality melts are made with all natural soy wax and phthalate-free fragrances. Each melt is such a fun shape and color, so your entire family will love using them! This box costs $30, but can be discounted further with a longer subscription plan.

5. Scentful Wax

Scentful Wax is vegan and eco-friendly and has a nice wax melt monthly box to subscribe to. 

They use a high quality wax that is 100% biodegradable. Each wax melt subscription includes 5 50 gram snap bars, free shipping, new fragrances and old favorites, and a free gift with your first box! The box is $23 a month, making it very affordable, especially as each bar burns for 360 hours. 

Each package is also 100% recyclable clam shells, making it even more eco-friendly! 

6. Little Bear House

With the Little Bear House, you can choose from getting 2, 4, and 8 wax melts in your subscription. Prices range from $10.99 to $34.99. Subscribe to the box and select from either the classic, seasonal, or food scents. 

These wax melts use both coconut and beeswax, along with quality fragrance oils on the market that are 100% phthalate free, paraben free, soy free, paraffin free, and skin safe. Each ingredient goes through high testing to ensure everything is up to their standard. 

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7. Brightwise

Brightwise offers a wax melt club that you will love! Each month, you will receive two packs of delightful, hand-poured soy wax melts. Each pack comes with 4 wax melts to enjoy with wonderful scents that go with the season. 

What I love about Brightwise, is that it is run by one woman and is a great small business to support. The melts are made with phthalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils. They are also made with recycled or reusable materials too! 

Each box is only $16 shipped. They also have a higher subscription which involves candles, wax melts, tee candles and so much more. 

8. Soothing Remedies

Soothing Remedies wax melt box

With Soothing Remedies, you will get 3 bags of wax melt tarts delivered each month. Each bag has between 8-9 melts that will last you a long time. These use natural soy wax and are hand poured in small batches. Either therapeutic grade essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils are used. 

With every purchase, this company will also donate 3 soaps to those in need! This is a great eco-friendly wax melt box you will love that offers free shipping. A box costs $21 each month, or you can save by buying multiple months at a time. 

9. Gourmet Candle Company

For a super fun wax melt monthly box, try out Gourmet Candle Company. They have fun wax designs, like donuts, cookies, and ice cream. For $25, you get one pound of soy wax melts each month! 

These melts are scented with essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oils, and soy wax. If you have kids, they will have so much fun seeing these fun designs! 

Use code KATE to get 20% off your purchase!

10. Sweet Waffle Farm

Get two different scents with the Sweet Waffle Farm wax melt subscription box. The wax are melts made with soy grown in America. They are also vegan and hand poured! 

Each box is $11 per box, but is also on Cratejoy, so you can save if you get a 12 month subscription, making each box only $9 each. 

11. Made by Deana

Made by Deana wax melt of the month

Love wax melts and desserts? Treat yourself to a monthly subscription of delicious dessert and café scents for the ultimate wax melt enthusiast. 

Each box contains four of their newest wax melt clamshells with two brand new scents. Plus, they also put a couple of surprise treats to bring you extra joy too! 

These wax melts are made with coconut-soy wax blend along with high-end fragrances and essential oils to make these delicious smelling melts! This subscription for wax melts costs $32 a box or $26.67 a box if you order 6 months at a time. 

12. TBTCC Wax

The TBTCC Wax melts monthly subscription is another great one if you are looking for a coconut wax melt. These non toxic wax melts also are paraffin-free with natural fragrance oils. 

Each month, you will get 4 3 oz wax bars that smell so good and often correlate with the season or holidays. Sometimes you might even get a few surprise gifts too! 

This company is on Cratejoy and offers free shipping and discounts when you order months in advance. One box is $28 whereas a 12 month subscription brings it down to $22 per box! 

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13. Designs by Olivia Grey

The wax melt club by Designs by Olivia Grey don’t have any added dyes, or perfumes and are made with fragrance oils, essential oils, and all natural soy wax. These wax melts are hand poured and are another woman-owned business who is also a veteran! 

Each box starts at $15 a month but will become cheaper if you purchase a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. 

14. Etsy

If you want to support more small businesses, create your own wax melt subscription with all the incredible natural wax melts on Etsy. You can choose from a new shop each month until you find one you like and order monthly. 

With this option, you get to choose completely what you want to receive, along with the ingredients you are comfortable with in your home. However, you will have to remember to order each month, since it won’t be an automated subscription like the rest. 

There are plenty of mystery wax melt boxes on Etsy that would be fun to try out! 

These are just a few of the best natural wax melt subscriptions boxes I could find. Each comes with its own standards for “natural” and will ultimately depend on what you want to bring into your home. These are great alternatives to other wax melts filled with toxic chemicals!  Grab a box today and start enjoying the new smells in your home. 

Check out Simply Earth subscription box for another fun monthly box or even these best herbal subscription boxes too. You can also try an eco-friendly box for only $5!