Top 15 Best Herbal Products and Essential Oils for Labor and Postpartum Recovery

Whether you have a natural birth or use medicine, labor is rough. 

During my second birth, I used essential oils and herbs which helped tremendously speed up labor and recovery. 

So I compiled the best herbs and essential oils for labor for you here! 

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What are Essential Oils? 

Essential oils come from plants. They have amazing benefits you might not be able to find anywhere else. 

The oils are extracted from the plant and used for various things to benefit us. 

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time and are even mentioned in the Bible. 

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How to use Essential Oils

There are two main ways I like to use essential oils to get as much of the benefits as possible. 


This is probably one of my favorites and most used methods of using essential oils. 

I almost always dilute especially since essential oils are so powerful you only need a little bit. 

Typically I use coconut oil to dilute to make roller bottles, but any carrier oil works great. 

I use essential oils in my skin care routine or for pains and aches typically. 


Using a diffuser in any setting can also help you get the benefits from essential oils. Aromatherapy for labor was what I used to help me be calm, relax my body, and help give me energy.

When you inhale the oil, your brain instantly activates the olfactory tract which is linked to memories. 

Inhaling essential oils brings a powerful impact on your feelings and emotions. 

Aromatherapy during labor is an amazing way to get the power of the essential oils. You can bring your own small diffuser, wear diffuser jewelry, or even just put a few drops in your hands during labor to help you get the benefits of essential oils during labor and delivery.

Some of these links are affiliate links meaning if you purchase from these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Everything I share are my own opinions and things I personally use and love. You can learn more by reviewing my disclosure.

Where to Get Your Oils 

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Like I mentioned before, make sure your essential oils are from reputable places so they don’t have fillers or synthetic toxins and chemicals. 

I get my essential oils from two main companies. 

First, Mountain Rose Herbs. They have incredibly high standards and are USDA organic essential oils. 

They also are the most affordable option out there and are great, especially if you don’t like MLMs. 

I love to get some blends from Young Living because of their seed to seal promise. I love that I can go on their farms and watch the entire process. 

Whichever company you end up with, make sure you can understand their process clearly so you know you are getting pure essential oils. Don’t just trust the label, do your own research to find the best essential oils for you. 

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Best Essential Oils for Labor, Delivery, and Birth

Here are some of my favorite essential oils to use during labor and delivery. I used these ones and felt so much better after using them compared to my first labor and delivery. Herbal products for labor and postpartum can help heal your body naturally and help you feel like yourself again.

Clary Sage 

Clary Sage for labor is one of the most common essential oils you will hear of. It is a great for both labor and postpartum!

Clary Sage can help move contractions along. It is not safe during pregnancy. This is one of the best essential oils for labor.

Oftentimes you hear stories about how moms were stuck in labor for hours on end and as soon as they used clary sage, their bodies finally went into labor. This is a great essential oil to use during labor.

Many other moms use clary sage to induce labor when they are past their due date and under the direction of the doctor.

My second labor was too fast so I didn’t personally have a chance to use clary sage for this, but I used it for postpartum, which I will mention later. 

Calming Oils 

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You want to be calm and relaxed when you are in labor. Here are a few of the best essential oils for labor and birth that helped calm me down tremendously.

Calming Blend

This amazing calming blend does exactly what it says. It is my all time favorite oil to help with my emotions. 

Having anxiety about labor and birth, I used this oil the entire pregnancy and especially on the way to the hospital. 

This also worked great for diffusing during the hospital stay. Babies especially love it too. 

It is my favorite blend for peace and is an organic oil that is super affordable. 

This calming blend is also my daily perfume. You can find it in an essential oil kit from Mountain Rose Herbs or purchase it on its own. 


Tangerine is a big part of the peace and calming oil. I love this one because it has a way to relax and energizes you. All citrus essential oils do that as well. 

I loved using any citrus essential oils for labor because they brought me so much peace but also the energy I needed to push through.

Stress Away

Another powerhouse essential oil for relaxation. It has vanilla and copaiba which help calm your body and ease your fears and anxieties. 

I would use all three oils rubbed on my neck, wrists and diffusing so I could always smell them. They also act as a great perfume!

This is another one of my favorite essential oils blends for labor and delivery.

Empowering Oils

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Women need empowerment when they give birth. Positive affirmations changed my birthing story entirely. 

Empowering oils are some of the best essential oils for birth because this process might take a very long time. It is so hard and a lot of the time we just want to give up. Empowering oils help us to push through and overcome.

While I was saying my positive affirmations or just need a little extra motivation to continue and push through, I would use my empowering oils.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

  • Envision 
  • Valor 
  • Peace and Calming 
  • Abundance 

I loved to use these oils while practicing my positive affirmations, especially during birth. 

Essential Oils for Energy 

Labor is extremely draining whether you have a fast birth or a long one. 

This Pick Me Up blend has just enough ginger to smell fresh and give you a quick boost in energy

With the ginger it can also relax your nausea as well. 

Both the pick me up blend and calming blend are in an essential oil kit from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Pain Oils  

Labor is painful. I love to use essential oils for pain because they are so soothing and a lot safer than drugs during pregnancy and whatnot. 

Especially if you are trying to go for a natural birth, these help keep your pain levels down during labor. Here are some of my favorite essential oils for after birth pains.


Panaway is my go-to for pain. It is so soothing as well. Panaway is great for pain but also reducing your stress

A key component in Panaway is the wintergreen. So even if all you have is some wintergreen, it will still help the pain as well. 


I love copaiba essential oil for many things, all dealing with pain ranging from teething babies to back pain and headaches. 

Copaiba works with your body’s natural response to pain to heal faster. It also kinda numbs the pain for the time being. 

These two were definitely essential oils I stoked up on for labor and delivery. I used them daily during the early labor at home and during labor as well. 

Copaiba essential oils is also what we use for our teething babies and it saved us completely. 

You can also learn more essential oils for back pain that I used during labor as well. 

Best Essential Oils and Herbs for Postpartum 

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All of the essential oils I used for labor and delivery are great for postpartum as well. 

Here are a few other products and essential oils for postpartum. They range from helping your hormones and afterbirth pains to making you feel like yourself once again.  

Postpartum Hormones 

Postpartum hormones are crazy.

Hormones are crazily out of whack during postpartum. They need all the help them can get, so here are my favorite oils and products for hormones. 

Clary Sage 

Clary Sage helped with the afterbirth contractions. 

Not only that, putting it on my wrists every day also helped to balance my hormones. 

Clary sage was tremendous for this. I still use it daily to this day. Clary sage is one to always have on stock for women.


Pro+ is another amazing product for hormones. It is great for fertility as well as those postpartum hormones

It helped to balance my hormones 2 weeks after giving birth, instead of 8 weeks without using it. 

Pro+ has wild yam which is a natural progesterone. It cannot be used with birth control. 


Endoflex is a blend that helps to support your adrenal and thyroid glands. It helps give you energy and keep your adrenals running properly. 

Because of this, it also helps a lot with hormones. I just rub it on my throat daily and usually in the morning. 

If I’m sluggish after lunch, this also helps give me a boost for the rest of the day.  

Postpartum Balance

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Earthley‘s Postpartum Balance can help to balance your hormones right after you give birth. Here is what they say about this incredible product:

“The postpartum side of pregnancy isn’t often discussed, but it’s just as important! The body is going through rapid changes and you could really use some support through it all. Our formula supports healthy liver function, so that a woman’s body can break down the no-longer-needed pregnancy hormones. One of the biggest reasons women struggle with hormone balance is because their livers aren’t breaking down hormones the way they should. Combine that with herbs to help lessen bleeding and promote even moods and you have the perfect post-baby recipe! Find support and relief with Postpartum Balance!”


Postpartum is painful in almost every way. Not only are we exhausted with a newborn, but we also have to somehow find time to recover ourselves. 

Here are a few products to help with pain and recovery during postpartum.

Essential Oils for Postpartum Pain

Using essential oils for postpartum not only helps with your hormones but also your pain.

Panaway, wintergreen, and peppermint are all great for pain

Rub on your back, legs, stomach, or wherever you are having pain. Now that you aren’t pregnant most essential oils are safe. 

Avoid peppermint near your breasts or internally if you are breastfeeding

Some women reported it dried their supply while others had no issues using it. Do what is most comfortable for you. 

Copaiba is also an amazing oil. It helps your body’s natural healing response so make sure to include this in your pain blend for sure. 

Using lavender oil after birth can also help to relax your body and heal it as well. Lavender is an anti-inflammatory and will aid your body’s natural healing process as well.


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The afterbirth pain and cramps help to bring your uterus back to its normal size, which takes time and can be incredibly painful. 

I found two amazing natural products to help with cramping. 

First was Earthley’s ease the ache. I took it every few hours and felt immediate relief. They have both an alcohol and glycerin tincture available. 

I also used Dragon Time massage oil. 

Whenever I felt cramps, especially as I was pumping, it brought me relief and helped ease the pain

Both of these products are also great for painful periods. 

There are a few great herbal teas I also use for cramping and postpartum pain in general. 

I address these teas along with other amazing natural products for period pains here. 


Hemorrhoids are never fun and can last a long time unless you find something to help. 

I found helichrysum and cypress were two amazing oils that took away the pain and hemorrhoids all together! 

I made a blend with olive oil as the carrier oil and applied as often as I needed. 

Earth Mama’s perineal spray also was a lifesaver. 

Also be sure to stock up on postpartum relief pads. Your vagina and hemorrhoids will thank you. 

Not only do they provide relief but also help speed up the recovery process. 

Breast Pain 

Your breasts have made a huge change these past nine months and are hurting more than ever. 

As you get your milk supply in, it is so painful with engorgement. 

You can use lavender and copaiba on the breast to help ease the pain. Cabbage also is amazing or flax seed heating pads

If your nipples are cracking or painful, I highly recommend Vedic Botanicals’ breast serum. It was a lifesaver. 

Learn more amazing tips for postpartum survival here. If you might be wondering if you have postpartum depression or another postpartum disorder, use these resources to help bring you relief.


Many people have a lot of questions when it comes to using essential oils, especially while they are pregnant. 

Here are some common questions you might have. 

How do you use essential oils for labor and delivery? 

You can use essential oils 2 different ways for labor and delivery. I mainly used oils topically and aromatically during my labor. 

Essential oils roller for labor 

My favorite essential oils roller for labor pains included helichrysum, copaiba, panaway, and clove. 

Essential oils to prevent tearing during labor 

You can use a variety of essential oils for tearing. I mainly used gentle baby mixed in Earth Mama’s perineal spray. It is made to help prevent tearing. 

Essential oils for afterbirth pain 

Panaway, copaiba, dragon time, helichrysum and many other essential oils are my go to for afterbirth pains. Any essential oils used for pain are great for afterpain. 

Essential oils for Braxton hicks 

Gentle baby saved me from my Braxton hicks. I started getting them at 30 weeks pregnant and helped to ease them and stop them until I gave birth at 39 weeks. 

Essential oils to induce labor 

Clary sage helps to speed up contractions. However only use it to induce labor if your doctor wants you to. 

Must have essential oils for labor 

Definitely panaway, dragon time, copaiba, calming blend, and helichrysum are my must have essential oils for labor. However there is a huge list mentioned throughout this entire article that are must haves as well. 

Can essential oils trigger/ start labor? 

Clary sage can sometimes trigger labor. Don’t use it throughout your pregnancy and only if your doctor wants to start your labor. 

Can essential oils cause early labor? 

Clary Sage can cause contractions and may even cause early labor in some cases. It is best to use only safe essential oils during your pregnancy and avoid using them on your stomach generally. 

Which essential oils are best for labor? 

Calming and empowering essential oils along with oils for pain are all best for labor. You can find my must haves for labor and delivery throughout this post. 

These herbs and essential oils for labor and postpartum are necessities for every mom. 

Which products or essential oils are you going to stock up on? Or do you have one I forgot to mention above? Share them below!

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