21 Best Natural Products and Herbs for Painful Periods that Actually Work

Periods can be a nightmare. Around 80% of women have pain during menstruation at least some point in their life. 

Let’s take a look at some natural products and herbs for painful periods, so you do not have unbearable period pain. 

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What Causes Period Pain? 

There are a myriad of potential causes for period pain. 

Heavy bleeding often can cause lots of pain along with menstrual cramps and back pain

Your diet highly affects your menstrual pain as well. 

Sugars and other anti-inflammatory foods can make your uterus cramp up more during your menstrual period. 

Another cause can be toxins and chemicals in the products you use daily. 

From shampoo to deodorant, and even makeup, can potentially have toxic chemicals such as endocrine and hormone disruptors that make your periods more painful. 

Learn more about what to do about toxins in your home and how to make the switch.

For instance, your pads and tampons more than likely have toxins in them.

Only New York has a law where companies have to disclose what ingredients are in their feminine products.

All other states don’t which means there could be many dangerous toxins hurting you. 

I prefer using Rael and Veeda products. They are natural feminine products that are so soft and comfortable. 

Using both of these helped control my pain a lot and didn’t hurt my hormones or body!

So if you want to stop your period pain long term or even forever, talk to a holistic doctor and take control over your diet, along with the products you bring in your home. 

21 best natural products and herbs for painful periods that actually work pin
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What is Dysmenorrhea? 

Dysmenorrhea is the technical term for the pain during your menstrual cycle There are two main types: primary and secondary. 

Primary dysmenorrhea is when you always seem to have pain during your period.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is when the pain is usually caused by a reproductive systems disorder. 

Both types can be treated and many natural remedies and herbs can actually help for dysmenorrhea! 

What is Endometriosis? 

Endometriosis can be very painful and oftentimes never goes away. 

It is when the tissue from the uterus goes outside the uterus onto other organs and body parts. 

A lot of the time you will have endometriosis the rest of your life. Some diet changes and other remedies can help ease your pain. In some cases, surgery is also needed.

Is There an Ayurvedic Treatment for Menstrual Cramps

Many of the herbs mentioned in this post are a type of ayurvedic treatment for menstrual cramping and pain. 

Ayurvedic uses many herbal medicines to help bring relief to women experiencing menstrual cramps, bloating, and pain. 

Massaging with sesame oil and using a heating pad are great Vata methods for calming painful periods. 

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What are Some Good Natural Remedies for Period Cramps? 

There are many natural products and herbs for period pain. You can also use multiple at a time to hopefully see a great result. 

Herbs were used as ancient remedies for menstrual cramps. 

If you don’t want to take pain medication, here are some of my favorite natural remedies for menstrual cramps, pain relief, and heavy bleeding

However, it is important to note that I am not a doctor and am not guaranteeing anything. These herbs and products may benefit you but they also may not. Talk to your doctor if you are having extreme pain and come up with a great solution together.

Herbs for Painful Periods 

There are actually a lot of herbs you can try to take away your pain during periods. 

Some focus on anti-inflammatory while others help to relax your muscles. Here we will take a look at a few of them that can be helpful for your painful periods. 

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You can also learn more about essential oils for back pain that have helped immensely during my periods.


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory herb and has been used in traditional medicine for a long time. 

There have been many studies that show how ginger can be used to bring relief for period pain. It works best when you use it a few days before your period [source]

Cramp Bark 

Just like the name states, cramp bark is another great herb for painful periods. 

Cramp bark has been used for a long time for menstrual pains as it is an uterine decongestant. Cramp bark helps to relax the tissues in your muscles and brings pain relief for period symptoms you may be experiencing [source]. 

Red Raspberry Leaf 

One study found Red Raspberry Leaf helps to tighten the pelvic muscles to strengthen the uterus using a compound called fragarine [source]. 

Many use this in teas to drink before and during their periods. It is also a great one for fertility and preparing the body for labor. Learn about some of the best essential oils for labor and postpartum as well.

Lady’s Mantle Leaf 

Lady’s Mantle Leaf helps to regulate periods. It is often used for women with heavier periods. 

However, it also will help to prepare the uterus for giving birth and prevent hemorrhages.

Lady’s Mantle helps to regulate menstruation cycles as it helps your body produce and further regulate progesterone in your body [source].  

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Many love and use cinnamon for baking and making delicious treats. But, cinnamon also helps to regulate insulin levels in the body. 

Insulin has a lot to do with hormones, which in turn play a major part in menstruation. Cinnamon also helps with irregular periods as well. 

Adding cinnamon to your herbal tea for your painful periods is a great addition [source]. 

Chaste Berry 

Chaste berry, also known as vitex berry, is another great herb for females with painful periods. 

Chaste berry actually helps to normalize estrogen and progesterone levels. If you experience breast pain, this can also help bring your some relief [source]. 

Dong Quai 

Dong Quai sometimes is referred to as the female herb because it is so powerful for female health. 

This herb has been used for thousands of years in Chinese herbal medicine. It is mainly used for the female reproductive system. 

It may be able to help relieve cramps, reduce pms pains, and may even help with menopause [source]. 

These are just some of the many natural herbs for menstrual cramps, bloating and other period pain. Use them individually or combine them for a better effect. 

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Herbal Tea to Relieve Menstrual Cramps 

A great way to get lots of herbs to help give you a natural relief for your menstrual cramps is through herbal teas. 

These teas don’t usually have caffeine, which can also make your cramps worse, and combine multiple herbs to help you feel better. 


Stork is an amazing company that focuses on helping women get natural products to help them. 

This company was created by a mom who saw a need for natural products to help painful periods. 

From fertility to postpartum, there is something for you with this company and I love it! 

They have made a menstrual cramp tea to help reduce period pain through herbs. 

I love their PMS Tea as it has cinnamon, ginger, chaste berry, and red raspberry leaf

Periodic Tea

I’ve been using Earth Mama’s Periodic tea for quite some time now and I love it. 

It is an easy herbal tea to drink and I have noticed it definitely helps to ease my menstrual pain. 

This tea uses cinnamon, lady’s mantle, red raspberry leaf, and ginger all great herbs for painful periods. 

Moon Ease Tea 

This incredible tea from Mountain Rose Herbs uses cramp bark, ginger, spearmint, passionflower, marshmallow root, vitex berries, and skullcap to bring ultimate relief to women during their menstrual cycles. 

If you use hormonal contraceptives, vitex berry may have an effect on it, so it is not recommended to use this tea. 

Mountain Rose Herbs has many other teas to help women. This women’s balancing tea can be used daily and uses many of the herbs mentioned above. 

Other Natural Products for Period Relief 

There are other products that provide natural relief for menstrual cramps as well. 

I love how many there are because it gives me hope that multiple will help me find relief. 

I think a great place to start is by taking care of yourself. Get more natural products and practice self-care daily.

Here are some other natural products that use herbs for painful periods.

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Earthley Ease the Ache 

This amazing tincture is probably one of my favorites. It has many great herbs for menstruation including nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, cramp back, and motherwort. 

This comes as a tincture with or without alcohol. Whenever I feel cramps or know my period is coming, I take a dropper full and feel relief quickly after. 

Ease the Ache also tastes delicious which helps me take it more often. I also love that it isn’t another supplement pill I have to swallow as well. 

Sometimes I put it in my herbal tea for menstrual cramps to give me an extra boost as well. 

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I am in love with these! We got these incredible gentlepaks for postpartum and have been using them for my menstrual cycle ever since! 

I love that I can heat them up or have them cold, depending on what I need. The heat works really well to relieve my pain during menstruation. 

However, the cold helps with hemorrhoids extremely well too! These paks are reusable, come with a sleeve for easy cleaning, and can be used for more than just period discomfort! 

Rael Herbal Cramps Patch 

These use the powerful benefits of herbs to create a cramp relief patch to wear. 

These natural patches from Rael also use heat to provide you with more comfort using some of the same herbs for painful periods as well. 

I also like to use a regular heating pad when I’m sitting down. However, these herbal patches provide comfort when I’m on the go as well. 

Stork Vitamins and Candies 

Stork also has many vitamins for period pains and other supplements. Their PMS supplement uses Dong Quai and chaste berry along with other amazing herbs and natural products. 

I love their delicious Lozenges since I am a sugary candy person. I love the idea of eating something that also helps to relieve my pain

Women’s Balance 

Mountain Rose Herbs also has a powerful supplement to help balance your hormones and female health. 

It can be helpful to help with pms symptoms, through menopause, or any other stage for women. 

period-1.jpg” alt=”” class=”wp-image-11486″/>


Most women have a deficiency in magnesium. It is a powerful mineral that helps to regulate our bodies. 

I’ve noticed when I take magnesium, I feel a lot better and don’t have much pain or cramping anymore. 

Magnesium also really helps my muscle cramps and back spasms. 

There are so many amazing natural ways to get magnesium into your body: 

  • Supplements: Care Of has a magnesium supplement I take daily. You can save 50% off your first order which makes it extremely affordable. 
  • This magnesium cream from Earthley not only helps you get magnesium into your system, but it is a great cream for helping you sleep! Magnesium is powerful for sleep. It is also a great option for those who don’t like pills. 
  • Young Living also has a magnesium powder that tastes delicious and will further help you get the magnesium you need. 
  • You can also get some magnesium by taking baths with Epsom salt. Including some of the herbs mentioned above will also help relax your body during your menstruation. 

Natural Feminine Products 

Like I mentioned earlier, natural feminine products can make a huge difference. 

Many women found huge success in lowering their pain just from switching to natural pads or tampons. 

I love Rael’s natural pads as they are the softest natural pads I’ve found thus far. They come in all different sizes depending on your flow level. They also have organic tampons. 

Rael also has menstrual cups and period underwear to reduce waste and are both natural and eco-friendly. 

Veeda is another great natural company for feminine products. I love their nighttime pads because they actually last and prevent leaking. 

Essential Oils to Reduce Period Pain 

There are also many essential oils that work great to reduce your painful periods. Here are a few you might want to try. 

Essential oils can be used with a diffuser or topically using a carrier oil.

Clary Sage Essential Oil
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Clary Sage 

Clary Sage can help to reduce the painful menstrual cramps you experience. Clary Sage naturally helps to balance your hormones and is similar to estrogen. 

Clary Sage also has many antispasmodic properties, which can help to reduce the spasms in your uterus. 

You can rub this along with a carrier oil where you experience the pain, as well as your feet and wrists [source]. 


Lavender essential oil has so many amazing benefits and uses. While it can help relax you and therefore ease the tension, it also can reduce pain

Lavender is a great anti-inflammatory essential oil, so rub it on your belly with a massage oil whenever you feel cramps [source].

Peppermint Oils 

Any of the peppermint oils are great for reducing pain. Wintergreen, peppermint, and eucalyptus are all great oils to include in your period massage oil. 

Dragon Time 

Dragon Time is an essential oil blend from Young Living that I’ve used for period cramping, along with postpartum afterbirth pains

Dragon Time uses clary sage, fennel, lavender, jasmine, and marjoram to help provide relief from period pains. 


If you still need additional help, here are some common questions many people are wondering about their menstrual cycle.  

During your cycle, you may find yourself in a lot of pain. That type of pain does not have to be normal. 

Try some of these natural products or herbs for your painful periods and find some relief. 

What other natural remedies for painful menstruation have you tried? Share them

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