What I Wish I’d Known About Newborns

When people find out you are pregnant, they tell you a bunch of advice, well “advice.” Some of it is good, but most are sayings that you here all. the. time.

Here are things no one fully tells you what to expect. Or, at least things you can’t really prepare for until you are a mom.

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I got told, “oh you’re having a baby? You will never sleep again, haha!”

They do not tell you what this means. I babysat enough to know that babies sleep all during the day. How could we not get any sleep if that’s what they do the majority of the time?

I wish someone would have told me that newborns literally wake up EVERY TWO HOURS to eat.

If someone would have told me that I would have understood, and I would have definitely treasured the sleep I had before I gave birth haha.


One day my daughter randomly wanted to eat literally every hour, and some times even half an hour.

I was pumping like crazy I felt like she ran me dry. I almost gave up and fed her formula. I thought I wasn’t producing enough.

I wish someone would have told me when growth spurts usually occur and that it does go away. It doesn’t stay that way all the time.

Now when she seems hungry more and more, I do not feel like such a failure and can alter my pumping so I can still sleep but also have enough for her.

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I never realized there was a 4th trimester! Babies do not understand life as we do. Their entire existence up until birth is nothing like the world we live in.

They are used to being squished and tightly held. They are used to hearing your heartbeat and voice all the time. They are used to being with you 24/7.

That is why they constantly need to be held. You will not spoil them if you hold them all the time; this is exactly what they need!

You are their safe spot. They need to be with you until they learn to live life in the world. So grab a carrier and hold them tight! 

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Because of the 4th trimester, you seriously don’t have any free time. I thought babies just sleep all day so I would have time to clean and get a job. Nope. Think again, mama!

Sure, babies sleep all day, in your arms! My baby girl would hardly go down because she needed to feel safe with me.

There were times where I could get things done, which I’m grateful for. But I also had to be creative. I used my carriers almost 24/7 when I needed to get things done.

But I also learned to rest with my baby. It’s okay if the house wasn’t totally clean, what mattered the most was that I was taking care of myself, so I could take care of my baby.


It is so important to share the WHY behind what you are sharing with pregnant women. Don’t just give advice or sayings, give why you said what you said. It could and does go a long way.

If you are struggling, you are not alone! Being a mom is such a wonderful thing, but it is also incredibly challenging. Take it one day at a time. You got this, mama!

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