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48 Amazing Pregnancy Affirmations for Every Trimester

Are you pregnant or trying to become pregnant? Here are some amazing pregnancy affirmations to help you along your way. 

Positive affirmations or mantras will help you feel empowered and enjoy your pregnancy journey along your way. 

Learn all the amazing benefits of positive affirmations.

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Here are 48 of the best pregnancy affirmations for every stage of these nine months.

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Pre-Pregnancy Affirmations 

  • I am ready to create life. My body is ready to create life. 
  • I am taking care of myself and preparing my body for a healthy pregnancy. 
  • I allow myself to be loved and to create life out of that love. 
  • I am enough. My body is enough. 
  • I have everything it takes to become pregnant. 
  • I am fertile! 
  • Every time my period comes, I celebrate my body is functioning properly. 
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Positive Affirmations for First Trimester

  • I choose to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy, even the difficult days. 
  • I educate myself to make the right decisions for me and my baby.
  • I am nourishing my baby. 
  • I am blessed to be growing this baby inside of me. 
  • I will be a great mother. 

Mantras for Second Trimester

  • My body is the perfect home for my baby. 
  • Everything I need to take care of this baby is within me. 
  • Every week I am one step closer to meeting my baby. 
  • No matter the sex of my baby, my baby is perfect. 
  • I will be active to ensure an easy delivery and healthy baby. 
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Pregnancy Affirmations for Third Trimester 

  • My pregnant body is beautiful. 
  • I won’t be pregnant forever. 
  • Every kick is a reminder of the healthy baby growing inside me. 
  • Just breathe and know that everything will be okay. 
  • I trust my body to guide my baby into this world. 
  • My birth will happen at the perfect time. 

Affirmations for Labor 

  • I trust myself and my natural ability to give birth to my baby. 
  • My body is strong enough. I am strong enough. 
  • I will have a safe birth and a healthy baby. 
  • I can and will endure all that comes my way. 
  • I can make it through this. 

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Mantras for Baby 

  • I am grateful for you. 
  • You are everything I could have asked for, and more. 
  • You are beautiful. 
  • You are going to accomplish great things. 
  • You bring me so much joy. 
  • I love you. 
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Breastfeeding Affirmations 

  • My milk is abundant, and my baby is well fed. 
  • My breastmilk changes as my baby grows to be exactly what he/she needs. 
  • It is okay for me to ask for help and support when I need it. 
  • My baby and I are learning together. 
  • I am all my baby needs for nourishment. 
  • Breastfeeding may not always be easy, but it is worth it. 

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Positive Affirmations After Loss

  • I forgive my body. 
  • I am worthy of being a mother. 
  • I will trust nature and not stop hoping. 
  • I will let others help me when needed. 
  • My partner is not disappointed in me. 
  • My value of a woman is not determined by my ability to give birth. 

If you experienced a miscarriage, get some miscarriage affirmations and learn what to do after you’ve experienced this loss.

Hopefully, these affirmations for pregnancy will help you love your body, yourself and feel amazing for the entire nine months.

After your give birth, be sure to use these postpartum affirmations, as well as amazing affirmations for moms. Practice these affirmations for kids with your baby and give them a great start to their life. 

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What other mantras did you find helpful throughout your pregnancy? 

If you liked these, be sure to check out some postpartum affirmations as well!

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