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How to Date Your Spouse With Kids at Home

Date nights don’t have to always be going out of the house, you can absolutely still date your spouse while staying at home with the kids! You might have to do things a little differently, but it is worth it every step of the way.


Why Date Nights are Important

It is always important to have regular date nights while dating, engagement, and marriage. However, it is very crucial to continue to have them once you start adding kids into your relationship.

Kids will change both of you as well as your relationship. While you might have had a solid relationship before your first child, everything can and will change once that baby is home.

You change physically, especially the wife. You don’t look the same, which can be a struggle. Children add stress to your relationship as well. You have this huge responsibility on your shoulders which takes away time and energy from both of you.

You go from being only a spouse to a parent and a spouse and have to learn how to balance that. Oftentimes, sadly, the spouse part of you goes on the back burner of your mind and can be forgotten.

All these changes disrupt a relationship, no matter how strong. However, it doesn’t mean your relationship needs to become second place or forgotten. You still can and absolutely should continue to grow your relationship!

One way to do that is by having regular date nights that involve learning about one another and growing stronger together.

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How to Date Your Spouse at Home

Going out and having a date night is great, when time and money permits it. However, it quickly becomes expensive to go out every week for a date night.

You can have effective date nights while staying at home with your children. There are a few key principles to successfully have these types of date nights.

It Doesn’t Have to be at Night

Just because it is called “date night” doesn’t mean it has to be at night. You can choose the time that works best for you.

That could mean during nap time, early morning, or at night when all the kids are asleep.

It could also mean a different time each week. You set the time the works best. That way it is still scheduled, but not stressful.

It Doesn’t Have to be Long

You don’t always have to have an hour or more long date nights. Some of the most effective date night activities last 30 minutes.

Each activity will require different amounts of time. Don’t stress about a short date night. They are still very important!

Schedule Them

While scheduling does make it more of a challenge, it is an important aspect. When you schedule things, you make them a priority.

For us, we have them every Thursday. While you don’t have to schedule the exact time of the date, schedule the days.

Communicate and Plan Together

Take turns planning the dates. That way you do things you both like and it becomes a priority to each other.

We switch off planning every week. You can decide what works best for you guys.

Communication is one of the most important details of any marriage, so communicate effectively when it comes to planning the dates.

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No Pressure

Finally, do not put pressure on yourself to plan the perfect date night. The best dates are simple.

They are supposed to be fun, so make them fun! Just relax and be silly together.

Kid Friendly Activities

When date nights have to be at home, do kid-friendly activities. It is inevitable that sometimes you will have your kids around during the date.

However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good dates. Your kids could be watching a movie while you do your activity.

Or, sometimes it is fun to have them join in on the activity as well! It will show them the importance of date nights as well.

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Date nights are supposed to be fun that can also really strengthen your relationship.

Make sure to share some of your favorite date nights activities that you do while staying at home with the kids in the comments below!

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