I Teach Moms, Like You, to Embrace Motherhood and Live an All-Natural Lifestyle, the Easy Way!

I believe all moms deserve to find joy in the little and hard times of motherhood. I help you embrace those tender and sometimes overwhelming moments. I love to teach you the “easy button” of motherhood. Because I am so passionate about natural living, I teach it the simple and easy way as well as how to do it all on a budget. 

Your emotional and mental health play a big role in your mom life and marriage, so, don’t worry, I take care of you there as well. I am so excited to empower you to make better and easier choices for yourself and your little ones. 

You will love my book, 10 Days to a Happier Mom, along with my positive affirmation cards specifically for moms. Make sure to grab the bundle deal to save even more money. I make all my products super affordable do every single mom can have access to them! 

I am here to fully empower you to live a healthier lifestyle through better mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health, and natural products, all to make being a mom easier. 

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Meet Kate

I graduated BYU-Hawaii with my bachelor’s degree in psychology, a minor in education, and a certificate in special education. 

It was there I met my husband, Kamy, who is from Tahiti. It was like a scene from the movies. He walked in late into spanish class during the first week of school. When we opened the door, the sunlight was so bright behind him, all I could see was a tall, dark, handsome man. The rest is history. 

10 months after we were married, we experienced a miscarriage at 12 weeks. It was not only physically painful, but emotionally as well. 14 months later, our beautiful baby girl was born. Then, 18 months after her, we were blessed with a little boy. 

My pregnancies are hard and extremely painful. With my first daughter, I had to stop working early on. It was then that I was inspired to create this blog to help support my family. 

She was also my inspiration to work toward living an all-natural lifestyle. There was no way I was letting toxins harm my children. So, I found a way to make it work, all the while being a broke college student, and working towards being debt free. I found exactly how to make this lifestyle work on a tight budget, and you can too! 

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