10 Days to a Happier Mom


Are you exhausted day in and out with your little ones? Do you feel like you never get time for yourself? Catch yourself yelling a little too often at your kids and instantly regretting it? 

I feel you. I was in the same exact boat. However, I practiced and implemented these 10 crucial principles for mamas and it was a night and day difference. 

I am happy, like seriously happy, even on two hours of sleep some nights. It is rare that I yell. I have found myself again. And now, I can help you feel the same way. 

“10 Days to a Happier Mom” is built off of secular studies, time, and trial and error to bring you back to being the happy mom you are meant to be. 

What You Will Learn:


"Kate's "10 Days to a Happier Mom" contains SO much valuable information in a format that's easy to digest! She's developed amazing challenges that really encourage you to follow through in setting these healthy habits. I loved the EASY routine, so easy to remember yet something I would have never thought of without Kate. Thank you!!"
Riley Morris
Mom Blogger
"Wish I had it when my kids were little.  I think I did do quite a few of your suggestions but REALLY needed the affirmations for ME.  I always felt like a failure, never giving enough attention, getting frustrated, etc."
Linda Hedrick

Get Your Happy On Once Again

For less than $2.00 a day, you can get back to being the happy mom you once were and always want to be. Your kids and your sanity are worth that much and more! 

You will receive an instant download right after your order, no physical product will be shipped to you. 

A Little About Me

All my life I wanted to be a mom; that was my one goal in life. Once I became a mama of two babies, life was hard. I was exhausted all the time and found myself not happy. I decided it was time for a change. 

Now that I’ve found things to make me happy once again, I knew I had to share with other mamas and help as much as I can. It has become my passion and dream that I am now achieving. 

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Got questions? Find the answers to common questions I get below.

This ebook is for any and all moms! Those who are tired, who have tried everything, who struggle throughout the day. Even the happiest of moms can use this book to better their lives. 

While these principles can help you find happiness in being a mom, this is not meant to be a cure, or alternative to therapy. Please go see your doctor if you think you might have postpartum depression. 

No physical copy will be sent to you. As soon as you purchase, you will receive a digital download, both on the checkout page and in your email. This ebook is compatible with Kindle, Google Drive, Iphone or Andriod Notes, and many more. 

This book is a workbook and journal in itself. Each chapter has pages to work through your emotions, challenges, and daily reflections. It is an all in one book! 

Absolutely! These principles can help every single person, whether they are a mom or not. The chapters, examples, and challenges are geared toward moms, but can be adapted easily toward any person and relationship. Reading this and applying the principles early on will give you plenty of practice and best prepare you for when you have children. 

Because this is a digital download, I can only offer refunds per case. Please reach out to me at kate@kateable.com for your request. 

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